12mm x 125mm Mechanical Wedge Bolt

These are a high quality product with European Technical Certificate ETA-05/0199 for torque controlled anchors and made from AISI316 (A4) stainless steel.
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The best priced quality bolt we can source and batch tested by ourselves to ensure consistant quality.
This type of bolt is generically known as „torque controlled“ and the recommended tightening torque must be adhered too. If you are unable to apply this torque before the bolt starts to extract the rock is probably too soft and it will almost certainly rip out under load. A different anchor design such as an undercut will probably give better results, please contact us for help.

  • M12, (approx. 1/2")  X 125mm,(approx. 4.59") long Bolt
  • * Requires 12mm drill bit/hole! Cannot be used with 1/2" diameter drill hole
  • EN959
  • ETA-05/0199
  • AISI 316 (A4) Stainless Steel
  • Torque Spec: 50Nm (37ft lbs.)
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